PowerShell Module for StackStorm


The PowerShell module is published via the CI process to nuget.org.

  • Release - NuGet

Download the package then open using the Nuget Package Explorer

Extract the package contents to c:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\St2.Client to install the module.


Import-Module St2.Client
$conn = New-St2ClientConnection -Username testu -Password testp -ApiUrl "" -AuthApiUrl ""

$MyPack = Get-St2Packs -Name "example"

$actions = Get-St2Actions -Pack $MyPack

foreach($action in $actions){
  Write-Output "Getting executions for action $action.name"
  Get-St2Executions -Action $action -Connection $conn

$action = Get-St2Actions -PackName "st2_dimensiondata" -Name "list_locations"
Invoke-St2Action -Action $action -Parameters @{"region"="dd-au"}